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Boldly Embrace Life’s Paradoxes.
Celebrate Your Unique Journey.
Live Life, Untamed.


Dr. Natacha Nelson is more than just a mentor—she’s the ally you’ve been searching for, the blend of nurturing wisdom and no-nonsense guidance. Discover transformative mental health and emotional wellness programs meticulously crafted for individuals and institutions. You’ve just found your haven if you’re on the brink of evolution, craving meaningful change, or seeking clarity in life’s intricate dance.

My Mission


It’s simple yet profound: to guide you in rekindling the connection with your heart’s truest desires, to instill an unwavering courage to express your authentic self, and to empower you with the confidence to lead an uninhibited, Untamed life. Dive deep into the depths of self, rediscover your core, and re-emerge, transformed and rejuvenated.

Embrace Paradox


Life isn’t just black or white. Thrive in the gray, where true strength resides. Understand the beauty of and – It’s not about being either/or but embracing both.


Own Your Uniqueness

Your story, experiences, and journey are yours. Honor them. Let them shine.

Live Untamed

Your story, experiences, and journey are yours. Honor them. Let them shine.


Dive deep into tailored sessions. Discover, heal, and empower with personalized guidance from The Life Doctor.

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Engage with Dr. Nelson’s unparalleled wisdom. Invite her for conferences, corporate events, and seminars to inspire holistic transformations.

Group Coaching

The Untamed Heart
Unlock the secrets to an authentic life. Delve into a course designed to free your heart, mind, and soul from barriers holding you back.

Why does Mental and Emotional
Well-Being Matter?

Over 80 million individuals grapple with challenges like addiction, depression, and anxiety. Even if you’re not battling these directly, chances are you’re supporting someone who is. Emotional upheavals, uncertainties, and fears can lead to spirals of destructive behaviors.

Interestingly, “Psyche” refers to the ‘soul’ or ‘life principle’. Yet, modern psychology often neglects this essence, focusing mainly on the mind and behavior. True emotional wellness demands holistic healing—spanning the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual realms.



Dr. Nelson helped me identify what I needed to specifically correct in my emotional world and lifestyle, and taught me how to make changes with a comprehensive plan and in-depth roadmap.

I have reclaimed my life, reconnected with my true self, am finally speaking my truth and identifying toxic situations/people/patterns and steering clear happily.

I feel like my third-eye is open and I am finally seeing the world as I should have a long time ago. I now live from a place of self respect. I finally love myself. I now see all the beauty in the world that I masked with vices for so long. I am NO longer a victim. If you desperately want to change and get your life on track, you must see Dr. Nelson.


I am much better at openly communicating with my wife.  She notices a difference, not only in my communication skills, but in my overall attitude.  By not suppressing my bad feelings, I now acknowledging them AND my good feelings.  This has led me to once again experience joy and passion in many aspects of my life that had been lost over the years. I have learned to forgive myself more easily.  I used to be extremely critical of myself which was unhealthy.  I now don’t hang onto those feelings.  I acknowledge them, but now move on from them.

Richard, CEO, Vista Sotheby’s International Realty


It is with great gratitude that I am sending you this letter as appreciation for speaking to our company. We live in a world where the first order of business is typically numbers and results and not the process. So when our team gets stuck in their cycle, habits, limiting beliefs, and insecurities, they go unnoticed. Sharing your story and methods created a safe environment for our team to personally reflect on what is not working in their process and some tools to work through that.