About The Book

Have you ever looked at your life and wondered, How the F**k did I end up here?

Finding the Courage to Let YOU Out” takes you on a journey to the center of human emotions. Honestly examines the pain of addiction, depression, anxiety, guilt, and shame. Revealing ways we keep ourselves tethered to a life we may have outgrown.

“Finding the Courage to Let YOU Out” explores the influence of family, friends, society, circumstances we are born in and those we create. Bringing clarity to choices made when emotional and mental worlds collide.

While we cannot change the past, or undo what’s been done, we can make peace with choices made, actions taken, and behaviors expressed. We can learn to connect the dots of past events, neutralize the emotional charge, and minimize their influence in the present. We can learn to trust, allowing our most Authentic Self to guide us, to decisions more in alignment with a fulfilling way of being.

In “Finding the Courage to Let YOU Out,” we explore what it means to be human; our human-ness and our human-MESS, struggling to find the courage and confidence to show up in the world as the person we are meant to Be.


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