The Psychology of Burnout, Dis-Ease & Vibrant Health

With All of The Creative Advancements to Have More Energy & Better Health, Why Are We More Exhausted, Less Healthy & Struggling to Have More Energy
More Than Ever Before?

Ever wonder why sometimes you feel completely vibrant & energized to take on the day, while other days you feel lethargic, flat & drained-For no obvious reasons?

You may have a great health routine, but if you don’t know how to Effectively, Efficiently & Consistently address your energy leaks in each of the 5 Pillars – Your Health IS compromised-Leaving you unable to fully trust yourself or your body.

Find out why some of your wellness habits work and others don’t and the 5 key Psychology Principles to Master Your Energy.

Do you Know when it’s time to:
…Pause, Push or Pivot in Life?
…Bring yourself from the edge of Burnout to Restoring Your Radiant Health?

Join Dr. Natacha Nelson, High Performance Educator, and founder of “5 Pillars of Health-Integrating Somatic and Mental Health in Business, in Sports and In Life”. This is the best thing you can do to bullet-proof your Health in toxic & chaotic environments.

It’s time to Discover the one mindset shift you must make in order to identify where your energy (& Health) is compromised. Find out what’s really happening with your body when you “do the right things” and still feel tired.

You can’t put your energy in a savings account for future health, but you CAN learn to stop your energy leaks & use your energy to your advantage.

Reclaim & Integrate Your Energy-in Business, In sports & In life

Dr. Nelson’s Integrated Health system Designed to:

  • Help You Accurately Identify your energy leaks in each of the 5 Pillars of Health.
  • Help You Discern where your energy leaks are compromising your health- leaving you vulnerable to Injury, Illness & Dis-ease.
  • Help you interpret the signs & signals your body uses to communicate with you

By the end of this 5-week Course, you will:

  • Receive the tools & resources to put an end to the behaviors, actions interfering with your body’s ability to Heal & Restore Your Vibrant Health.
  • Receive a personalized, individual action plan to systematically put an end to your energy leaks and restore your body’s health & healing in alignment with your natural operating system.

Class Begins

Wed. Sept 11, 6:00-7:15 pm, PST (Live Zoom).



Early Bird Special!

This Week Only!


This is not another lecture about basic diet & exercise and mindfulness mindset (though we'll talk about how to improve them)...

We’re going beyond the boring basics and getting real about what matters – Identifying where Your health is Compromised & Which of the 5 pillars are responsible for making you vulnerable to illness, injury & dis-ease (and in which order).