Dealing with Apathy, Boredom, & Indifference

Sep 30, 2020

The shock of this COVID shut down gifted us with the time to take inventory of our lives. The people we spend time with, the work we devote energy to, and the activities we engage in. Suddenly, with nowhere to escape,  all the “bad, uncomfortable, painful or wrong” feelings that we deny, burst open for full exposure. The ways you don’t like your life suddenly forced upon you. Have you acknowledged any of the painful feelings from Past or present events,  circumstances, or situations that burn a hole in your heart? Or have you disconnected by scrolling (trolling) Social Media or watching every series you could stream?

Experiencing days, where nothing, and I mean nothing,  holds your attention to satiate the boredom? We’ve all felt days with no work to feel fulfilled,  no workout to elicit the serotonin high, no creative endeavors to dive into, and no engaging conversations about the new and exciting.

One, two days, okay. Three or more consecutive days of boredom, apathy, and indifference agitate.

Apathy, Boredom, and Indifference arise when you are unable (or unwilling) to deal with the true source of your anger. Apathy is not just an emotion, it is a protective mask. When you don’t protect your boundaries, or that of others’, when you feel unable to speak out against injustices you see, when you feel incapable of affecting your surroundings, apathy and boredom appear to cover up what feels powerless.

Boredom, Apathy, Indifference are warning signs that you have suppressed what feels too agonizing to engage with, that you have disconnected from the pain, and you now feel dead inside.

Emotional Literacy is the process of turning emotions into words.  Emotional Literacy is about accurately interpreting what you feel so you know how to appropriately respond, instead of reacting.

I remember when my daughter was old enough to tell me she was hungry, or tired, or scared.  Mothering became much easier once she could share with me what she was feeling and what she needed from me.



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