In this session, you will have the ability to work with me on a specific issue. We will explore your needs and experience my approach to issue resolution.


Our one on one sessions (Via phone or zoom) are designed for us to work together to identify the source of your uncomfortable feelings and understand the actions/behaviors used to cope that are no longer working. It is my intention to encourage healing through direct understanding and offer tools and resources for more kind, loving, and compassionate behaviors available to deal with day to day stressors that surface.


Are you looking for a speaker for your next event? Dr. Natacha Nelson will inspire your team and motivate attendees to “Find their Courage and Confidence” to show up in the world as their Most Authentic Self.

Emotional Literacy Workshop:

Your Body Knows

This course is designed to deepen your understanding of the language & power of Emotions. Knowing Our Body Knows Everything We Think & Feel. If We Don’t Feel Our Feelings, Our Body Will Feel Them For Us.

Course Goals:

Emotional Literacy Workshop:

Heart & Soul Challenge

This Interactive series is designed to help you identify gaps & integrate the 5 Pillars of Health; Physical, Chemical(Nutrition), Emotional, Mental & Spiritual.

The Untamed Heart:

This 8 part series is designed to help you Unlock the secrets to an authentic life. Delve into a course designed to free your heart, mind, and soul from barriers holding you back.


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