In this session, you will have the ability to work with me on a specific issue. We will explore your needs and experience my approach to issue resolution.


Our one on one sessions (Via phone or zoom) are designed for us to work together to identify the source of your uncomfortable feelings and understand the actions/behaviors used to cope that are no longer working. It is my intention to encourage healing through direct understanding and offer tools and resources for more kind, loving, and compassionate behaviors available to deal with day to day stressors that surface.


As a corporate consultant, it is my intention to implement new or update current Mental Health and Emotional Literacy Programs. I work directly with current leadership to examine existing programs, identify missing/outdated elements and offer systems to ensure quality programs are available to all levels of an organization.


Are you looking for a speaker for your next event? Dr. Natacha Nelson, aka The Dancing Zebra, will inspire your team and motivate attendees to “Find their Courage and Confidence” to show up in the world as their Most Authentic Self.

Emotional Literacy Workshop:

Is an invitation to develop your Emotional Intelligence.

Designed for those ready to :

  • Learn the skills of turning emotions into words, accurately interpret what you feel, and know how to appropriately respond, instead of react
  • Develop the tools to communicate with clarity with a partner, child, parent, sibling, coworker, boss

  • Discern and utilize Intellect, Instinct & Intuition
  • Learn how to use your terrifying feelings of rage and hatred to set boundaries, and speak your voice with clarity, purpose and confidence
  • Experience courage and confidence to ask for what you need and want, speak up for yourself and create healthy  boundaries.

Courage to Let YOU Out Workshop:

Is an invitation to Create a life that Excites and Inspires YOU.

Designed for professionals ready  to fuse their Intellect and Intuition with Intensity and Integrity; those wanting to unleash their Authentic Self in Relationship, Finance, Health, Career.

Workshop Focuses Includes:

  • Skills to interpret emotions with clarity
  • Tools to courageously articulate your needs, wants and desires
  • Insights to use painful experiences as guidance and wisdom
  • Resources to intentionally evolve your relationships, finances, health/body and career
  • How to communicate with clarity with a partner, child, parent, sibling, coworker, boss.
  • How to create and maintain personal and professional boundaries.
  • Identify YOUR unique gifts and talents.
  • Repurpose your pain
  • Benefit from your experience and education

Break The Addiction, Anxiety, Depression Cycle Workshop:

is an invitation to understand  and break free of the emotional relationship of anxiety, depression and addiction.

This Workshop is designed for those who have experienced, addiction, anxiety or depression AND for those who are in a supporting role to someone who is.

In this workshop we will learn:

  • The physical, nutritional, emotional components of anxiety, depression, anxiety.
  • Skills to cope with the emotional roller coaster of past traumatic events without getting stuck in them.
  • Tools to embrace all aspects of who you are, not just the parts others like, approve of or will tolerate.
  • To use your head AND your Heart in life decisions.
  • How to Be completely Authentic itself in your Self expression.


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