Using and Trusting your INTUITION, INSTINCT, & INTELLECT

Sep 15, 2020

While I was pregnant, I watched an interview of six convicted and (jailed pedophiles). What seared in my mind was hearing their account of identifying victims they would prey on and  “groom”.

As nauseous as I felt listening to the details of their horrific plans, I felt immensely grateful to hear (from their mouth) the information that could save my child’s life.

Armed with information, I now teach my daughter how to trust what feels “ICKY”, “Weird”, “off”. What I have come to learn is that when something or someone feels “off”, there is no need to question the feeling or doubt it’s power. Use YOUR feeling and with absolute trust and faith, leave. Leaving is not just physical. Leaving also means emotionally, psychologically, energetically. To unhook emotionally is to let go of attachments, expectations, hopes, dreams, wishes from a person, place, situation, thing, or event.

Pharmaceutical commercials are Big Pharma’s equivalent of “can you help me find my lost puppy”. Just one example of a predator casting a subtle net to lure the vulnerable. As does most of the Beauty, Medical, Consumer, and  Political industries…

Instincts and Intuitions show up as feelings.  Any coping mechanism you use to numb your painful, uncomfortable feelings will also dull your inherent intuitive sensations. You can’t selectively stop some feelings and not others. They all travel together.

When you can’t tolerate feeling anger, jealousy, terror, shame, or guilt and you cut yourself off from feeling them, you become emotionally vulnerable to those who are maliciously looking for someone to prey on-your guard is down.

Feeling all emotions means learning how to feel all emotions. Learning to translate emotions into words to identify the issue or conflict and deal with it. Stop running, escaping, distracting from fear, uncertainly, the unknown, and the unknowable. Empower yourself with your intellect, instincts, and intuition.

Fear is not necessarily weakness, it carries survival instincts. Generations of your ancestors’ resources of survival are inherent in feelings of fear. Why would you want to ignore them?

If you listen to your fear, you have access to more information than you thought possible. However, you must be willing to FEEL fear and respect the messages they contain. When you dishonor fear by forcing your way past it, you bypass what your Intuitive Self is trying to tell you.

Maybe you do need to run. And maybe, you need to pause and receive additional information required to know which direction to move in. Fear, like any emotion, is supposed to surface when their message is needed. You deal with the issue and move on. Feelings subside only when their message has been acknowledged. If you feel stuck in the fear, you are missing the memo.

Emotional Literacy is about accurately interpreting what you feel so you know how to appropriately respond.



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