In July 2016, I drove up the coast of California to Monterey, inland to I-5, then down to LA. During those 10 days, I stopped to see any friends and family that were available. At the time, what they didn't know, was this was meant as my goodbye. No one knew I had...

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Dealing with Apathy, Boredom, & Indifference

The shock of this COVID shut down gifted us with the time to take inventory of our lives. The people we spend time with, the work we devote energy to, and the activities we engage in. Suddenly, with nowhere to escape,  all the "bad, uncomfortable, painful or wrong"...

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Using and Trusting your INTUITION, INSTINCT, & INTELLECT

While I was pregnant, I watched an interview of six convicted and (jailed pedophiles). What seared in my mind was hearing their account of identifying victims they would prey on and  "groom". As nauseous as I felt listening to the details of their horrific plans, I...

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FACING Anger, Rage, & Hatred

Last summer, I found out a close friend had been lying to me for about a year. The kind of lie that stabbed me deep in the heart. I felt confused about whether or not I would remain friends with her. I struggled with letting go of 8 years of friendship, fun, and...

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To ‘Listen to’ Does NOT Imply ‘To Agree With’

Can you watch/listen to social, print, or news media without feeling compelled to yell back?   Can you listen to “other” opinions or differing ideas from family, colleagues or neighbors? Can you really? Especially those whose beliefs you strongly disagree with-maybe...

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It is OKAY to feel afraid

I know I do. It’s a part of being human. As I sit in silence, the stillness leaves me wondering what to do moving forward. I know that to understand where we are now, I need to go back and look at what brought us to this place of hostility and rage. For me, when 9/11...

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The Journey Begins

EMBRACE PARADOX “What are you?” “Human”, my response today, intentionally highlighting the erroneous implications of the question asked, although as a child, this answer was not in my consciousness. “Race?” (Fill in only one box) the school questionnaire asked....

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